As a great friend of mine once said,
“Live your life to Aspire, Inspire, and Conspire with those around you.”

Having lived most my life in San Diego and being unsure where my future would lead, I found a love for Graphic Design. This directly led to the life goal training I have endured over the 3.5 years I spent at Platt College. Learning from some of the best instructors I could have asked for,

as well as learning from the many classmates I have come to

be friends with. Feeling that I have gained the tools

and experience needed to carry me to

my ultimate goal. To not go

through life as a nobody but to

be remembered by those I leave

behind. Do all I can to leave an

imprint on those that come into my

life, to help them work towards their

goals as they help me towards mine.

Gaining the friendships and teaming up

on life so that nothing can hold us down. The

world is full of opportunities to make yourself great

in this one life we have. Striving for my ultimate goal with

every year, month, day, step, and breath that I take.

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